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Why CAN Affirmation

Can Affirmation Cards were created in response to my own health journey. After giving birth I experienced an extreme presentation of Postpartum Thyroiditis and continuing health problems for several years after this. I found it nearly impossible to access the support that I required and my symptoms were constantly dismissed as mental health problems – it was ‘all in my head.’ When I met those who believed that my symptoms were present the intensity and impact of them was never fully acknowledged, I was suffering from a severe case of ‘women’s things.’

I Know My Body
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How CAN Affirmation helped me

Before I gave birth to my little girl I practiced hypnobirthing and a part of this was positive affirmation. When I became unwell I found myself quite naturally drawing upon this resource. On some days I stood in front of the mirror and said the affirmations out loud, I built my confidence and changed the dominant narratives in my head. Amongst lots of other things these affirmations helped me to get the support that I needed.

The nature of thyroid conditions is that symptoms can present as mental health challenges. Some days I knew my thoughts weren’t my reality and I needed to dig deep and connect with myself – this is how affirmation helped me.

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Working together

CAN affirmation cards are about building confidence in the patient to ask questions and to continue even when doors feel closed. They are about creating a narrative that the patient’s voice matters. The patient is, after all, the only person who holds the first piece of the jigsaw; knowledge about their own body and experiences.

CAN Calm & Collected – download and print single-sided

CAN Calm & Collected – download and print double-sided

CAN Bold & Brave – download and print 40 set

CAN Bold & Brave – download and print 25 set

CANcards © Jenny Allen 2020

Can you make a small donation?

CAN Cards are fundraising in aid of The Thyroid Trust, registered charity 1183292. If you find downloading these affirmations helpful and are able to, then please consider making the recommended donation of £2 to the Thyroid Trust – a charity that provides much-needed support and awareness-raising for those suffering from thyroid illness. You can do so here –> DONATE

My story

Read parts one, two, three four, five and six of my battle with postpartum and on-going thyroiditis.

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