Part 6 My Battle with Postpartum Thyroiditis: The simplicity of acknowledgment, diagnosis and support instilled gratitude and rage simultaneously.

It was so simple. 

After nearly three years, I was listened to, heard, and finally found support.

Thyroiditis can cause in a small case of patients, a combination of hyper and hypothyroidism as described in literature.’ 

I was returned to the thyroxine (previously prescribed when my thyroid was underactive) and given a support plan. There was a little detail. One side of my thyroid was overcompensating for the other that wasn’t functioning very well, which resulted in the symptom fluctuation I had been experiencing. By introducing thyroxine, the thyroid may have time to fully recover. I should have continued to take it eighteen months ago. I tried. (twice) 

For so long now and to so many, this is how I have described my symptoms…

It feels as if my thyroid is constantly trying to find the right level.’

It’s as if I keep experiencing the initial thyroiditis, like the after shocks of an earthquake.’

I left the appointment and felt overcome with gratitude and anger simultaneously. The simplicity of the consultation, his knowledge, compassion and intelligence highlighted every uncaring conversation that I had previously had. Conversations I didn’t even know I remembered rolled around my head for days. 

It’s never been about mental health that’s just been a way out when there have been no answers. 

I will never stop sharing this story or trying to affect change for women and their families but now is the time to heal.

She’s got so big.  

Postpartum thyroiditis how big she's got

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3 thoughts on “Part 6 My Battle with Postpartum Thyroiditis: The simplicity of acknowledgment, diagnosis and support instilled gratitude and rage simultaneously.”

  1. Hi Jenny, I never comment on anything online but I just couldn’t resist.I just need you to know how thankful I am for you and your blog. I literally cannot put it it not words. It helped me through the darkest and most dreadful illness I could ever have imagined possible. My experience is SO similar to yours, reading your blog is literally like reading my life for the past year give or take a few tiny details. You inspired me to do my own blog… then I realised mine would be practically identical to yours.
    I have lived through hell on earth this past year and to say it has been a struggle to get the help I needed is an understatement. I have been treated in the most unsympathetic way I could have ever imagined. Being 24 and a first time mum I have been diagnosed with everything else under the sun except the one thing that was so blatantly wrong. I fought and fought, have been turned away from drs refusing to help me and been to several a&e departments and out of hours drs.. I was diagnosed with post part in thyroiditis in February (this was when my over active phase had just ended and my thyroid balanced out) and even though being told by the specialist that it could enter the underactive phase within the next few weeks, when I contacted a dr he refused to believe me and said I was stressed.
    If it’s possible would I be able to talk to you privately, I’m approaching 12 months now and even on thyroxine still don’t feel 100%.
    Thank you so much.


    1. Courtney. Thank you and I am so sorry you have had such a challenging time. I am so glad you have found comfort in my story – it’s comments like yours that are my driver. I have been on the receiving end of a story and have felt that power. If ever you want to share your story here, I would love to compile them because the more I hear from women, the more I am convinced this is not as rare as is so often stated. I would be happy to talk, can you drop me a message here: take care, keep going, thank you for reading and look forward to connecting.


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