About Jenny

Jenny Allen Life Loves and Learning Writer

I live with my partner and little girl in Greater Manchester, UK

I graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Culture Media and Communication and from then worked for an anti-racist youth organisation in Oldham responding to a complexity of challenges arising from the race riots in 2001. Here I worked with children and young people delivering various media and creative projects.

I have since managed what was ‘From Farm to Fork’ as part of ‘Green School’s Revolution’ for The Co-operative. An interactive programme where school children visited Co-operative Farms across the UK to learn about where their food comes from. Being a devout co-operator I also served as an elected member for the Local Area Committee.

Knowing I always wanted to be a primary school teacher but also having an understanding of the responsibilities of the job I completed my ‘on the job’ Teacher training in 2015 aged 30. Having a knowledge of the charity and corporate sector has really helped in the education world. I love that I can take my broader life experiences to the classroom – I intended it this way.

In July 2017 I gave birth to my little girl and the following December I Graduated from Edge Hill University with a Masters in Education. Babe’s arrival was the most fabulous deadline to work to!

For personal reasons, including an extremely challenging illness post-birth (which you can read about here) over the last five years, my work has significantly diversified. I have had to find employment that fits around our circumstances.

So for now, I am a Library and Gallery Development Officer (children’s education), Supply Teacher, Mentor for the DfE Early Years Recovery Programme, Member Pioneer at The Co-operative, and occasionally a Service User at Edgehill and Bolton University. I am also the creator of CAN (Create Another Narrative) affirmation cards.

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to spend some time exploring the world including attending The World Social Forum in Senegal and visiting Pakistan with the British Council. Some independent work and travel has taken me to Australia, South America, Japan and Europe where I spent a few ‘work hard play hard’ seasons chalet hosting in Ski and Mountain resorts. Ironically I now live back in the town I was born, inches from my parent’s house and minutes from the primary school I was taught in.

I love people, friendships and brief encounters. If I see something I like about someone ‘wow her hair is very shiny (for example)’ I try to share it with them – much to my partner’s embarrassment.

When I can I dance, craft and walk I read more children’s books than grown-up books and love to listen to music from Motown classics to Arcade Fire and everything in between.