50 affirmations for coping with a thyroid problem: When my body and mind were at their weakest, I had to be my strongest and this is what I told myself.

Life experiences and stories

Hypnobirthing and positive affirmations

Before I gave birth to babe I had practiced hypnobirthing and a part of this was to recite positive thoughts and affirmations. I had littered the walls of our house with affirmations in preparation for birth, giving little thought to their usefulness beyond.

Postpartum Thyroiditis

Three months following the birth of my daughter I became extremely ill and was eventually diagnosed with Postpartum Thyroiditis, experiencing both an over and an underactive thyroid within a culture of ignorance when it came to diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the symptoms I faced were mental disturbances, an inability to think or feel straight and a mind riddled with doubt, of myself and of ever being well again. Professional medical voices often confirmed these thoughts by failing to acknowledge symptoms, oversimplifying my condition and prescribing the wrong treatment and diagnosis.

Affirmations for Postpartum Thyroiditis

Having been a part of my life for some time, affirmations were something that I began to do quite naturally, a transferable practice for birth and beyond. I began to tell myself I was right, about my own body and mind, that I was entitled to care and answers and that I wasn’t a terrible person – I was poorly. On the days that I faltered my family did this for me – print off this list and give it to your loved ones.

Mind and body

  1. I know my body. I am the expert on me.
  2. My thoughts are my thyroid speaking, they are not me.
  3. My body and brain are one, my thyroid health is my mental health.
  4. I will remember that the thyroid controls every cell in the body, its impact is significant.
  5. When it comes to my health I trust myself explicitly.
  6. My health is my most prized possession, I love myself enough to keep going.
  7. My symptoms are real, I can describe them with confidence.
  8. I am unique and my experience of thyroid-related symptoms are unique.
  9. Mental health problems are symptomatic of thyroid-related illness.
  10. There is no such thing as being ‘too in tune’ with my body, knowing my body helps me.

Knowledge is power

  1. Reading and learning help me.
  2. I empower myself with knowledge.
  3. I am intelligent enough to read the information that will help me and disregard that which will hinder.
  4. I am brave enough to ask questions.
  5. Questioning is simply a quest to understand.
  6. I am proud to be proactive when it comes to my own health.
  7. I can and I will build my own trusted support network.
  8. I am not alone, there are people who understand me.
  9. The tests I request are necessary for understanding my condition.
  10. What I learn will help me to live my best life.
  11. I am a problem solver with the confidence to change direction when required.

The importance of me

  1. I am entitled to be cared for.
  2. I deserve help and support.
  3. My condition is serious and it deserves to be taken seriously.
  4. My quality of life matters.
  5. I am worthy of being listened to and taken seriously.
  6. I am a good mum, my baby needs me.

From strength to strength

  1. I am a strong and ferocious person, I will keep on going even when I meet barriers.
  2. It will pass.
  3. The way I feel is not permanent.
  4. An off day is not a setback it’s a blip.
  5. Taking each day as it comes is ok and sometimes necessary.
  6. I am proud of small accomplishments, sometimes getting dressed is enough.
  7. How people perceive my illness does not matter, I will not feel pressure to explain myself.
  8. I am stronger than I feel.
  9. I am strong enough to know when I need help and accept it graciously.
  10. I am strong enough to bounce back from setbacks.

Be kind to yourself

  1. I will be patient with myself and my body, healing takes time.
  2. I love myself enough to give myself time.
  3. I listen to my body and do what is best for it.
  4. I am positive when I can be and I am kind to myself when I can’t.
  5. I am a kind and thoughtful person, I love those around me.
  6. I am not responsible for my illness.
  7. I am doing my best and that is enough.
  8. People who KNOW me know how unwell I am. They’re all that matter.
  9. I am grateful for what I have and look for small and simple pleasures in life.
  10. It’s ok to feel fed up, grumpy and frustrated. Negative emotions are human and understandable.


  1. There is no better advocate for me than me.
  2. My experiences have the power to help others.
  3. I am proud to speak openly and honestly about my thyroid problem.

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